Prank Productions Bio

In 1980, having achieved their goal to become established
professional actors in Los Angeles, Newell and Rosemary
Alexander formed Prank Productions, Inc. They began
considering projects to produce. Along with Colby
Chester, George Clinton and Charlotte Blunt the
Alexander’s developed an episodic radio sitcom,
"Hotel Boate".

In 1989 the husband and wife team met Gene Autry
through Bill Ward and soon after created Wells
Fargo Radio Theater. They developed and produced
38 original hour long historically accurate western
radio dramas for the Autry Museum of Western Heritage.
They continued to collaborate with George S. Clinton,
Charlotte Blunt and Colby Chester on these productions.
Colby wrote 2 episodes and George S. Clinton created
original music scores for the series and created and
conducted The Western Heritage Band.

No strangers to Rock and Roll, Newell and Rosemary
toured with Neil Young’s “Trans" Tour. Newell as
“Dan Clear" opening for Neil in ’83/"84 (70 shows)
and Rosemary as one of Neil’s backup dancers,
“The Shocking Pinks". They still work for Neil on
occasion doing voices for his company, Lionel Toys
and putting voices together for the 2006 CSNY tour film.

One of Prank Productions most successful ventures
has been their association with The LAMadDogs, an
ADR Loop group which Newell formed in 1988 in
partnership with Mitch Carter and Iake Eissinmann.
The “Dogs" body of work includes “Dreamgirls",
“Transformers", “Madagascar", “Titanic", “Gladiator",
“Shrek", “American Beauty", “Shrek", "Madagascar",
"Kung Fu Panda", "How To Train Your Dragon", and
"Book of Life".

In 1993 Rosemary and Newell produced Leslie Jordan's
"Hysterical Blindness And Other Southern Tragedies
That Have Plagued My Life Thus Far" at the Hudson
Theatre in Hollywood. This production received 3
Drama-Logue Awards and 3 Robbie Award nominations
including "Best Production". After playing to packed
houses through a critically acclaimed extended run in
Los Angeles, "Hysterical Blindness" had a successful
run at the VanDam Theatre in New York.

As producers, Newell and Rosemary have been
involved in a long string of successful productions
in the Los Angeles Theatre Scene. Beginning with
Alan Ayckbourn's "Absurd Person Singular" at the
Melrose, several years of performances by the
critically acclaimed improv group, Caltrans (The
Melrose Theatre, Carlos & Charlie’s, Hyatt
Sunset, etc., etc.) Newell designed sets, programs,
flyers for the award winning productions of Del
Shores' hit Texas Comedies, "Cheatin'", "Daddy's
Dyin' Who's Got The Will" and "Sordid Lives" and
“Southern Baptist Sissies" in addition to Howard
Storm's production of Terrence McNally's "Where
Has Tommy Flowers Gone" and John Shaner's "After
Crystal Night". The Alexander’s obtained rights from
Preston Jones for the Los Angeles premiere of his play,
"The Last Meeting of the Knights of the White
Magnolias". They were responsible for the design of
this production at the Company of Angels Theatre,
which enjoyed great critical success and a long successful run.

In 2006 they commited to a year of theater joining the
casts of "Sordid Lives" and "Southern Baptist Sisses"
for a 6 month run at the Zephyr Theatre, they then
embarked on a national tour of Broadway revival
houses. The tour went to San Diego, Palm Springs,
Dallas, Nashville and Fort Lauderdale.

In the distant past, Newell was an art director in Dallas
where he also produced and directed
commercials and industrial films. Rosemary produced
fashion shows and special events there also.
Their first joint venture was a very successful 1972 society
ball for the Terpsichorean Club in Dallas.

In addition to sharing a life in show business the
Alexander’s have also shared the raising of five
children and now have 7 grandchildren. Newell
plays guitar and he and Rosemary enjoy singing
together. They have released 2 music CDs, "Cornbread
Society" and "Have Another Slice".